Age of the Vampire! Or is it?

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Age of the Vampire! Or is it?

Post by Jiminy on Fri Sep 29, 2017 12:33 pm

At the beginning of the age, Vampires walked with Humans. There were only a few, and they were powerful beings many viewed as gods. Immortal, eternal, and unchanging, a few became bored with their existence and began dabbling in dark arts, or alchemy as we would know it today. These impulsive vampires experimented with their own blood and unwitting humans, warping the genetics of the humans themselves, creating beings akin to vampires, but far weaker. They became known as Shadows. Once they realized what they had created, most of the vampires ceased their experiments, allowing their monsters to fade. One Vampire continued his experiments, creating more and ensuring the other cast aside Shadows survived.
When the rulers learned of the atrocities being done, they instantly put a stop to any and all experiments, but the damage had been done. The Shadows were now not only self-sustaining but also creating others like themselves. Rather than stoop to genocide by eradicating the Shadows, the Vampires took them under their reign and created the Rules of Conduct for Shadows. How to conduct their affairs without leading to the detriment of the Humans. Also, they created one unique weapon; The Werewolf. They took Humans willing to give themselves over to the change and used their knowledge of alchemy to create the Curse of the Werewolf. It was the Werewolf's job to hold the Shadows to the Rules of Conduct and their right to punish infractions. All seemed at peace once more.
Then the Vampires vanished.
Centuries passed. Some said the Vampires had returned to whatever realm or dimension they had come from. Others said they still lived in some forgotten and deserted corner of the world. The growing whisper was the Vampires had never been immortal and had finally perished. Whatever the case, they were gone and no longer held sway in the world's affairs.
As time passed, the Shadows took the name of vampires and challenged the werewolves. The battle was long and bloody, humans caught in the middle. Forced to band together or perish, the humans became the second most powerful force, driving Werewolves into near extinction.
And so we are today. Humans against vampires, werewolves lost in the shadows having long since forgotten their true strength and power. Cities lay divided. Terror rules them all.

How will they feel when they learn the True First Vampires intend to return and reclaim what is theirs?

The time is Modern Day.  There is no outright magic, just science.  Weird, convoluted science.  The place is Random Large City, USA controlled by humans with a few vampires living incognito in the streets.  Not all vampires and humans want to fight, but racism still runs hot and high with the majority of them ready to rip each other apart at a moment's notice.  The police force is at their wits end trying to keep the peace.
The usual rules apply.  Only a couple of people will have First Vampire characters.  Try not to have a bunch of exceptions to the rules.  Available races are Humans, Werewolves, and Vampires (Shadows).

Human and wolf form.  Wolf form, they look like a Dire Wolf (largest wolf ever to have existed, now extinct).  They can shape-shift at any time, but they are strongest during the full moon.
Abilities - Shape-shifting, super strength, resistance to mind control, and their bite is the one thing guaranteed to kill a Shadow.
Weakness - New Moon, removal of head or heart, wolfsbane plant (yes that's a real thing), and purest silver. They are aware of what is going on while in wolf form.

Shadow Vampires:
These vampires Do Not SPARKLE!! They may have one or many of the following abilities, but not all of them.  All vampires have retractable fangs, and yes they have reflections.  Their skin color can be any shade.  
Abilities: Growing claws with their nails, super strength, mental suggestions, low-level mind reading, rare ability to shift into a gargoyle type creature with wings allowing them to fly, extended life but not immortal, enhanced speed, enhanced healing, enhanced senses
Weakness: Sunlight burns and potentially kills if exposed too much for too long, often display OCD tendencies, purest silver, removing of head of heart, major blood loss, ingesting poisoned blood, coming into contact with concentrated garlic
Other: To create a vampire, a vampire must exchange blood with a human, but not every human will turn.  It's like a hard-to-catch-virus.  Approximately one in ten will turn if that.  No, they are not scared of religious relics.  They can drink animal blood, but it is not as good nor heals as fast.  The hungrier they are, the harder it is to resist draining blood, but it is theoretically possible to resist for so long they starve to death.  Re-death.

I'm going to assume I don't have to explain this one.

Sign up!  Remember, I do not want a lot of exceptions to the rules.  You may apply if you want to be a True Vampire, but I'll be picky in choosing.

Abilities: (If Shadow Vampire)

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